Character Creation

Nonhuman Races allowed: All nonhuman races are rare.

Wood Elves 40 points – homeland is located in the Great Forest south of Harkwood.

Dwarves 30 points – homeland is located in the mountains East of Harkwood.

Gnomes 10 points – homeland is located in the mountains South of the Great Forest and bordering Al-Haz.

Halflings 0 points – homeland is ‘Oakdell’ located five miles West of Harkwood.

Goblins 0 points – there is no homeland, but any Goblins will be traveling Megalos merchants.

Character creation is with 100 points. Maximum -40 points for three Disadvantages allowed. Plus -5 Quirks to be played.

Starting Wealth is $1,000 in copper Farthings. You can spend one character point to purchase one month’s wage. A Copper Farthing is the size of a quarter and worth $1 while a Silver Penny is smaller than a dime and worth $4. Two hundred and fifty (250) Silver Pennies ($1,000) weigh one pound. A pound of gold is worth $20,000 (trading at 20 to 1 for gold to silver, assuming a gold coin is the same weight [though smaller] than silver).

copper = $1

silver = $4

gold = $80 (copper) or 20 silver

Goods from Ancient/Medieval tech level 3 should be bought in advance. Fencing weapons and plate armour are not allowed. The only place to buy ‘off the shelf’ items would be at the bazaar at Fenmarc’s Tourney, though it would need to be fitted to the new owner. Page 72 in the Basic rules has the ‘suits’ and you can purchase up to Scale armour. However page 210 in the Basic rules has armour by the body part. Greathelm requires Social Status 3 to own. The same applies to Breastplate, Corselet, Heavy Corselet, Plate and Heavy plate arms and legs, also Sollerets. You may purchase Gauntlets!

Plate armour is not allowed as combat is slow and high levels of DR slow it even more. The in-game reason is that plate is allowed for Social Status 3 and above ie. ruling nobility. Even then Social Status 3 would have access to have a Greathelm and Breastplate over Chainmail shirt with scale arms and legs.

Hit Location can be used, but generally basic body blows will be used, which means the torso PD and DR are used ‘unless’ a specific part is targeted!

Weapon Quality: As per page 74 sidebar in the Basic Rules. Cheap bronze sword is 40% of price, 2/3 chance of breaking when parrying a heavy weapon. Good quality sword is listed price, 1/3 chance of breaking. Fine quality sword is 4 times price and does +1 damage, 1/6 chance of breaking. Very Fine quality sword is 20 times price and does +2 damage with no chance of breaking when parrying a heavy weapon. Fine Axes and Polearms cost 10 times as much and do +1 damage. Fine Maces and other crushing weapons cost 3 times as much and do no extra damage. Fine Bows and Crossbows will shoot 20% further and cost 4 times as much as the listed price.

Character Roles: Knights (Social Status 2), Squires (Social Status 1), Secular Priests (Social Status 2), Benedictines (Social Status 1), Alycites (Social Status 1), Franciscans and Claires (Social Status 0), Soldiers and Mercenaries (Social Status 0), Mages (Social Status varies), Freemen (Social Status varies) which includes all other trades. It is prefered if characters are residents of Harkwood. Starting wealth assumes 80% ($800) is tied up in house and possessions. The remainder would be for adventuring equipment. This also applies to traveling merchants in that 80% of wealth is tied up in stock.

Status can be as low as -1 for bondsmen or servants. Islamic characters should take the disadvantage Social Stigma (Second-class Citizen), as should characters of Megalan birth. Pagans have Social Stigma (Minority Group). Natives of Sahud or the Nomad Territories should take Social Stigma (Outsider or Barbarian). Elves and Halflings are sufficiently familiar to Caithnessers that they suffer no stigma, but other races should take Social Stigma (Minority Group).

Orders of Chivalry

Three types of knights are common in Caithness – secular knights, the king’s Knights of the Stone, and the holy Knights of St. George of the Dragon. A PC may be a knight of any of these types, or a squire to such a knight. Though knighthood occasionally falls to the unworthy, PC knights of any type must have the following advantages, disadvantages, and skills:

Advantages: Status 2 (10 points); Wealth (Comfortable, Wealthy or Very Wealthy; 10, 20 or 30 points).

Disadvantages: Duty to Lord or Order (Demanded on 10 or less; -10 points).

Skills: Riding (DX -1; 4 points); Broadsword (DX +2; 8 points); Lance (DX; 4 points); Shield (DX; 1 point).

Knights of the Stone

For a complete discussion of the Order of the Stone, see page 52 in the Fantasy book. In addition to the requirements above, Knights of the Stone must have:

Advantage: Reputation: Champion of Justice (+2 reaction from Caithnessers; 10 points); Patron: Order of the Stone (Reasonably powerful organization, appears on 9 or less; 15 points).

The Dragons

The Dragons are a very small order, centered in Photius, and unofficially devoted to the Archbishop of Caithness. They are organized much like the Hospitallers, and swear a similar oath, though they do not disdain the use of magic as the Hospitaller do. As well as the above requirements, a Dragon must take:

Advantages: Literacy (10 points); Clerical Investment (5 points); Reputation: Defender of the Church in Caithness (+1 from Caithness Christians; 5 points); Patron: Order of St. George (Reasonably powerful organization, appears on 9 or less; 15 points).

Disadvantages: Vow: Chastity (-5 points).

Skills: Catholic Theology (IQ; 4 points); Latin (IQ -1; 1 point).


A squire to any type of knight must take the same Vows as his knight, though he may not yet have mastered all the skills of a knight. A squire must also take Status 1, and Wealth (Comfortable). In recent years, some squires have elected to stop training for the knighthood, retaining the status and title of Squire throughout their lives. Many such squires hold manors, serving as vassals to a regional lord. A landed squire has Status 2, and may take Wealth (Comfortable or Wealthy).

Men and Women of the Cloth

All PC clerics must take the following:

Advantages: Clerical Investment (5 points); Literacy (10 points).

Disadvantages: Vow: Chastity (-5 points); Duty to Church and Congregation or Order (Demanded on 10 or less, seldom hazardous; -5 points).

Skills: Catholic Theology (IQ; 4 points); Latin (IQ -1; 1 point).

Secular Priests

Secular priests minister to the layfolk. Chapels and cathedrals are operated by one or more priests, depending on the size of the congregation. Secular priests must take:

Advantages: Social Status 2 (10 points); Patron: Church of Caithness (Very powerful organization, appears on 6 or less; 10 points).


The followers of the rule of St. Benedict serve God through scholarship, both theological and, to a lesser degree, historical. Benedictines must take:

Advantages: Social Status 1 (5 points); Patron: Order of St. Benedict (Reasonably powerful organization, appears on 9 or less; 15 points).

Skills: Catholic Theology (IQ +2; 4 points); Latin (IQ +1; 3 points); Calligraphy (DX -1; 1 point).


The Sisters of St. Alyce of Isolde are a healing order, who swear an oath to never refuse aid to the sick or injured. They are on fair terms with the Hospitallers, and a few have studied at the Hospital at New Jerusalem in Western Megalos. Though most Alycites are not mages, those that are study healing magic as well as conventional medicine. An Alycite must have:

Advantages: Social Status 1 (5 points); Patron: Order of St. Alyce (Small organization, appears on 9 or less; 10 points).

Disadvantages: Vow: To aid the sick without prejudice or payment (-5 points).

Skills: First Aid/TL3 (IQ +2; 4 points); Physician/TL3 (IQ -2; 2 points).

Franciscans and Claires

The Franciscans and the Poor Claires show little interest in politics, either ecclesiastic or secular, but are content to serve God through manual labour. Franciscan and Claire PCs begin play with nothing but a simple robe. They must take:

Advantages: Reputation: Poor Servants of God (+1 from Christians; 5 points); Patron (Small organization, appears on 6 or less; 5 points).

Disadvantages: Vow: To never own money or property (-15 points).

Credits: Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games – GURPS Fantasy

Character Creation

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