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Dwarves are short, stocky, gruff miners and cave-dwellers. All male Dwarves are bearded (Dwarf-women are rarely seen). Dwarves are moody; by turns, they are vulgar, merry, surly, cruel, or dignified – but their personalities are always emphatic. No Dwarf is an introvert.

All Dwarves are craftsmen; status among them is determined as much by craft ability as by birth or heroism. They love gold and jewels, and will happily work all day to mine precious things and build with them. Anything they build will be both useful and beautiful; they make very fine weapons.

Their own preferred weapon is the hammer or pick, mostly because their great strength lets them use massive weapons efficiently.

All Dwarves get a +2 to ST, and can carry up to 30 x ST as extra-heavy encumbrance. However, Dwarves are typically nearsighted and don’t do well with missile weapons; a Dwarf has a -2 with any such weapon.

Advantages and Disadvantages: A Dwarf automatically has one level of Toughness (and can buy 1 or 2 more levels at the normal cost). A Dwarf automatically gets +4 with any skill related to craft, artisanship, architecture, traps, or engineering (even for default use!). Dwarves do not start to age until they reach 200; after that, they age normally. Dwarves do not automatically get the disadvantage of Greed – but it is very common!

A Dwarf is 1 1/2 feet shorter than the human average for his ST, but weighs (on the average) 100 lbs. more than a human of his height. And none of it is fat. But Dwarves are not good runners – their legs are too short. Reduce a Dwarf’s basic Speed score by 1.

Friends and Enemies:

Credits: Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games – GURPS Fantasy


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